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15 All-Time Best Sunflower Fields in New York

Light, bright, and oh-so-cheery, sunflowers are possibly one of the all-time happiest flowers on planet Earth.

So, it makes sense that as summer winds down and fall begins, that you’d want to dull the pain of the impending doom of winter with a visit to some of the best sunflower fields in New York.

That’s why, if you’re looking to take some next-level stellar photos at all of the best sunflower farms in New York, then this is the post for you.

After all, I’m a 30+ year local who wants to share all her super-secret insider tips on how to find the best sunflower fields in Long Island (and beyond). This way, you can quickly and easily haul your cutie booty to all of the best sunflower fields near NYC.

Just make sure that you have access to a car since many of the top sunflower fields in New York are NOT accessible via public transportation.

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When is the Best Time to Visit a Sunflower Farm?

While there are a variety of different sunflower species out there, the best time to visit the best sunflower fields in New York – and sunflower fields in all of North America – is from mid-summer through early autumn.

However, all of the top sunflower farms in New York typically start opening up to visitors around mid-July/early August and tend to stay open until the end of the season in early September.

Fun Facts about Sunflowers

Here are some fun facts about sunflowers that you might want to know before visiting the best sunflower farms in New York.

  • Sunflowers are native to North America.
  • The head of the Sunflower grows towards the sun.
  • Sunflowers are pest/heat resistant and an enduring symbol of summer.
  • Many species of sunflowers can grow to an excess of 20 feet tall.
  • 2000+ individual flowers can make up one sunflower bloom.
  • Each sunflower can have between 1000 and 2000 seeds.

Best Sunflower Fields Near NYC

1. Holland Ridge Farm

Sunflowers in one of the best sunflower fields in New York.

Tucked away in Cream Ridge, New Jersey, this is one of the best sunflower fields near NYC that is only about an hour and a half drive away from Manhattan.

So, rent a car and make your way to one of the best sunflower fields in New York that sits on an exquisite flower farm that is renowned for its sensational tulips in spring and its awe-inspiring sunflowers in the fall.

Once here, you can enjoy two distinct pick your own flower seasons – tulips in the spring and sunflowers in the fall – that start at around $1.00 per flower.

You will also need to pay $12.80 per adult and $10.53 per child to enter the farm itself. But, that makes sense since there are a variety of other things for you to do during your visit, including hit up local food trucks, stop by the bakery. visit resident farm animals, and shop at the on-site gift shop.

Pro Tip: Pets and drones are also NOT allowed on the farm. Props are also scattered throughout the farm, making this an ideal place for photo ops.

Address: 86 Rues Rd, Cream Ridge, NJ 08514

2. Happy Day Farm

Aerial view of the best sunflower farms in New York

Drive just under an hour and a half away from the city and you’ll find another one of the best sunflower farms near NYC.

In fact, this sunflower farm even has a sister location about one mile north that is referred to as the Arrowhead Farmstead.

So, think of it as visiting two of the best sunflower fields in New York at the same time since you can enjoy sunflower viewing and picking at both locations.

However, you will need to purchase tickets in advance if you want to visit Friday through Sunday and enjoy snazzy things like farm-fresh lemonade and shaved ice while you pick sunflowers and take epic photos with various props that adorn the fields.

And if you happen to visit during the farm’s iconic Fal Harvest Event, then admission to the sunflower fields will be included with the price of the event, which consists of 35+ amazing activities (pig races, petting zoo, tractor rides, etc.).

But, if you can’t visit during sunflower season, then you can always enjoy sugar shack tours in the winter, blueberry/raspberry picking in early summer, lavender fields in early summer, and a corn maze/pumpkin picking in the latefall,

Pro Tip: They recommend bringing your own sheers to cut flowers but you can also rent a pair on-site with a $10 deposit.

Address: 106 Iron Ore Road, Manalapan, New Jersey 07726

3. Sussex County Sunflower Maze

Dirt road beside one of the best sunflower fields in New York.

Tucked away in Sandyston, New Jersey, Sussex County Sunflower Maze is about two hours away from the city and features some of the best sunflower fields in New York (or New Jersey as the case may be).

In fact, this farm is home to the single largest sunflower field on the east coast since more than 1.5 million flowers bloom here between mid-August and mid-September.

Therefore, try to visit during the first week of September to ensure that the flowers will be at their most stunning.

While you’re here, you can also enter a variety of different mazes since this farm is known for creating the very first sunflower maze in all of New Jersey and has been growing sunflowers for upwards of 10 years.

Pro Tip: This place is cash only and you will have to pay to enter. They also sell water on-site and allow dogs if they are on a leash. Other fun activities are also on offer, like a Kids Scanvenger Hunt and a Bug Safari Tour.

Address: 101 Co Rd 645, Sandyston, NJ 07826

4. Buttonwood Farm

Up close shot of a sunflower on one of the best sunflower farms in New York.

At a little over two and a half hours away from Manhattan, this is one of the best sunflower fields in the region that can be found in Connecticut.

It’s also one of the places on this list of the best sunflower fields in New York where you can cut your own flowers with a $2 donation to the Make a Wish Foundation of Connecticut.

So, stop by and enjoy 300,000+ flowers that are grown across 14 acres of land on this iconic dairy farm.

And if you really want to take even more sunflowers home with you, you can always buy a bouquet since all the proceeds from the sale go to charity as part of the Sunflowers for Wishes fundraiser.

Also, don’t forget to stop for a scoop at their on-site ice cream shop since Buttonwood Farm has been in business since 1975 and churns out 21 different flavors of delicious, farm-fresh ice cream daily. (get the cookies n’ creme).

Pro Tip: Sunflower-related events usually end in late July or early August since cows are let out onto the sunflower fields. They also run a 7-acre corn maze in the fall for $10 per person and offer hayrides, pumpkin picking, and visits with local farm animals.

Address; 473 Shetucket Turnpike, Griswold, CT 06351

Best Sunflower Fields in New York

5. Sunflower Valley Farm

Field of sunflowers at dusk in on one of the sunflower farms in New York.

Easily one of the best Sunflower fields in New York, Sunflower Valley Farm is quietly tucked away in the Hudson Valley and sits near the always lovely, Harriman State Park.

In fact, this farm is a short one-and-a-half-hour drive from the city and officially opens for the sunflower season towards the end of July.

So, if you would like to visit for yourself, purchase tickets for $5 per person (free for kids under 5) and get three pick your own sunflowers, as well as access to their impressive sunflower fields and kids face painting activities.

Additionally, other seasonal, on-site events include Trunk or Treat for Halloween and a local farmer’s market,

Pro Tip: This is one of the best sunflower farms in New York that is open Friday through Sunday only. Otherwise, you can do a private photoshoot during the week for $30 an hour. Just keep in mind that drones are strictly prohibited.

Address: 366 County Rd 12, New Hampton, NY 10958

6. Hickory Ridge Farm and Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils

Dusk at one of the top sunflower farms in New York.

This family-owned and operated farm/company in the Hudson Valley may not initially seem like a natural choice for the best sunflower fields in New York.

But, they really are since they use their expansive fields to create amazing products like cold-pressed sunflower oil, sunflower hummus, sunflower flour, sunflower pancake mix, truffle sunflower oil, and so much more.

Plus, if you time your visit for the middle of August, you’ll be able to enjoy some sunflower picking with the Haight family, who uses this Pleasant Valley farm to produce high-quality biodiesel too!

So, check out one of the best sunflower farms in New York this August since their sunflower event features live music, gorgeous photos ops, and pick your own flowers that start at $3 each or $25 for a bucket.

Address: 235 Plass Rd Pleasant Valley, NY, US 12569

Best Sunflower Fields in Long Island

7. Rottkamp’s Fox Hollow Farm Sunflower Maze

One of the best sunflower fields on Long Island.

This relatively new addition to this list of the best sunflower fields in Long Island is back and allows visitors to take snazzy Insta photos with various props in the sunflower maze itself.

They also feature one of the best sunflower fields in New York that open sometime in June and that will stay open daily, from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, depending on the weather. So get lost in one of the best sunflower fields in New York while taking exquisite photos.

Admission is also very much not free so be prepared to spend $6 per person (credit cards not accepted) for adults, with kids under 5 being allowed to enter for FREE!

Address: 2287 Sound Avenue, Calverton NY 11933

8. Schmitt’s Farm Stand On Sound Sunflower Field

Schmitt’s Farm Stand has been around for a very long time. In fact, the business has spanned over 150 years and has been handed down through 4 generations. These people are real experts and they take their job seriously. That is probably why their 165 acre farm is run to perfection.

If you are headed here, you will not only enjoy catching a glimpse (and photographs!) of the gorgeous sunflowers, you can also visit their fresh produce patches. These include a variety of vegetables like corn, spinach, cabbage etc. They also grow a lot of herbs here which you can buy and take back for your cooking.

Aside from all the fresh vegetables, the Schmitt’s farm is also known for their homemade products. From pickled vegetables to all kinds of dips, their products are called ‘Holy Schmitt’s’ which is kinda cool.

Pro Tip: You can participate in a pick your own produce if you head here at the right time. This is a really cool activity to do especially if you have kids. 

Address: 3355 Sound Ave, Riverhead, NY 11901, United States

9. Manor Farm Sunflower Maze

People working on one of the best sunflower fields in Long Island.

Easily one of the best sunflower fields in Long Island, Manor Farm Sunflower Maze can be found in Huntington and sits about an hour away from the city.

Initially, the owners began planting two varieties of sunflowers – they usually reach between 6 and 8 feet tall – in 2013 and have continued to do so every May.

This way, these gorgeous plants can be ready in time for the Maze, which is opened to the public at the beginning of August.

Now, because this is one of the best sunflower fields in New York that also acts as an education center, it was designed using green technologies that help keep the building energy-efficient.

Accordingly, Manor Farm is open throughout the year and sponsors a whole host of events that include Halloween Haunted Trails, Egg Hunts, a Fall Harvest Festival, a Community Yard Sale, Escape Rooms, and, of course, the Sunflower Maze.

Pro Tip: This super cool place is more of a maze than a field and is free to enter. However, there is a donation box so please give what you can. The maze is also typically open daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm in August.

Address: 210 Manor Rd, Huntington, NY 11743

10. Waterdrinker Family Farm and Garden

One of the best sunflower fields in Long Island at dusk.

Home to another one of the best sunflower fields in Long Island, Waterdrinker Family Farm can be found in Manorville, which is about an hour and a half away from NYC.

It’s a relatively large farm that has several fields and indoor greenhouses where a wide variety of wildflowers and 100, 000+ tulips are grown.

However, the real highlight of a visit to one of the best sunflower farms in Long Island is the annual Sunflower Festival. It starts at the end of August, is held daily from 9:00 am (10:00 am on weekdays) to 6:00 pm until early September, costs $8 per person, and allows you to pick your own flowers – $2 per stem for sunflowers and $5 for a bouquet of wildflowers.

Add in fun lawn games, a mini-golf course, and a corn maze and you have one of the best sunflower fields in New York for families.

Pro Tip: You can visit the fields alone for free and time your visit for sunset so that you can get extra beautiful photos. Additionally, be sure to stop by their quaint shop and pop into their new brewery.

Address: 663 Wading River Rd, Manorville, NY 11949

11. Martin Sidor Farms Inc.

This charming farm in North Fork is home to one of the best sunflower fields in Long Island since they offer visitors unparalleled views of the surrounding landscape. Accordingly, think of this as selfie central, but in the best possible way!

A visit here is also fairly reasonable since it’s $7.00 to enter, with kids 10 and under free. it’s also $10 if you would like to take home a fresh bouquet of flowers..

And while they say they have a “Sunflower Maze” it’s really just a giant field where you can take stunning photos. So, if you want to make your way through a true maze then maybe give this place a pass.

Pro Tip: If you have a four-legged friend, you can bring them along if they are on a leash. They also have a cute little area where kids can take photos looking like a sunflower.

Address: 2010 Oregon Rd, Mattituck, NY 11952

12. Garden of Eve

Sun setting over one of the best sunflower fields on Long Island.

This organic farm in Riverhead is two hours away from the city and features 5-acres of fields that are home to upwards of 100,00 flowers.

And that makes it one of the best sunflower fields in Long Island since this amazing center of agriculture was first established in 2001 by environmentally conscious citizens.

Since then, the farm has grown and now holds an assortment of events on weekends between April 1st and Halloween.

However, because this farm is home to one of the best sunflower fields in New York, their annual Sunflower Festival is the true highlight of any visit.

It starts at the end of July and is held every weekend through the end of August. So, if you’d like to attend, purchase tickets for $7.95 per person and enjoy access to a ton of events, in addition to one complimentary sunflower – although you can always buy more if you like.

Address: 4558 Sound Ave, Riverhead, NY 11901

13. Northfork Sunflower Maze

This enchanting sunflower maze can be found in Mattituck, on a historic farm that was started way back in ye olde 1910, when a Polish man started growing potatoes in North Fork.

Eventually, the farm grew to a whopping 170-acres and the family started selling delicious and aptly named, North Fork Potato Chips. Crunchy, savory snacks that the family started to fry in sunflower oil in 2010 when the first sunflowers were planted here.

Fast forward a few years and their primo sunflower maze was born – a local attraction that has quickly become one of the best sunflower fields in Long Island.

Yes, you will have to pay to get in, but kids 10 and under can visit for free. They’re also typically open much of the week but do check their website for the most up-to-date info possible.

FYI, time your visit for mid-July through late September since this is when the maze is open for the season.

Pro Tip: This amazing farm hosts a ton of special events like sunset socials where you can visit the sunflower fields at sunset while listening to live music.

Address: 8350 Wickham Ave, Mattituck, NY 11952

14. Pindar Vineyards

Best sunflower field on Long island

Want to get your drinky drink on while visiting one of the best sunflower fields in Long Island? If so then Pindar Vineyards is the perfect place for you!

Because this winery/oasis of sunflowers is about two hours away from the city and holds an annual event in August where you can visit some of their awesome sunflower fields. If you want, you can even pick your own flowers while you’re here for just $2 per stem.

Whatever you do though, don’t leave one of the best sunflower fields in New York without first sampling some of the delicious wine that is made here using more than 17 varieties of grapes that are produced at one of the best wineries in Long Island.

Also, be on the lookout for a special “cupcakes and wine” event where three handmade cupcakes from Blue Duck Bakery are paired with samples of the vineyard’s three finest wines.

Pro Tip: They have live music on the weekends and offer tastings/ tours of the vineyard too.

Address: 37645 NY-25, Peconic, NY 11958

15. Crossroads Farm At Grossman’s Sunflowers

Crossroads farm is another gorgeous spot that you must add to your list if you are searching for the best sunflower fields in New York. This is a very popular spot among the locals largely because most tourists head to the bigger and more popular fields. If you want a quieter experience then this is the place to be.

The farm is tiny. Don’t expect loads of tourist attractions and large mazes. If that is what you are looking for, then maybe you should give this spot a pass. It does have some amazing fields of sunflowers.

There are also some cool wine tasting events that are organized here. One popular favorite is a wine tasting under the stars. Depending on the time of the year, it would be advisable to bring some nice warm wear for an adventure like this.

Pro Tip: Combine visiting Crossroads farm with a trip to Malverne. You will find that the cute, small town is a fun place to be in. With a variety of food options, this makes for an epic day out and you can get some iconic photographs of both the town and the sunflower fields.

Address: 480 Hempstead Ave, Malverne, NY 11565, United States

Map of the Best Sunflower Fields in New York

Map of the best sunflower fields in New York.
Click here for the full map.

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There you have it! That just about wraps up this list of the best sunflower farms in New York and the top Sunflower fields in New York.

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